CryptoParty 2.0 Write-up

Well, CryptoParty 2.0 has come and gone, it was an integral part of the Free Software Festival Manchester and was epic and fun and everything we wanted it to be really! There is a write up here, from the Open Rights Group Manchester, and lots here by FSFE-Mcr. Below are… Read more

More Women Please!

Hi, I am Anna, I do a lot of the organisational stuff for CryptoParty Manchester… and I am a woman. I had great fun at the last event, really, it was a hoot… but I was saddened to see literally only one or two women there. There are tons (really,… Read more

More about CryptoParty 2.0

Manchester ORG hosts second Crypto Party – 6th Feb Cryptoparties provide a great way for anyone to learn how to install and use encryption technology and other tips to keep you anonymous online. Tech facilitators will be there to help you with encryption of email, live chat and how to… Read more

CryptoParty 2.0 Annonced

We are delighted to announce another CryptoParty.  FSFE-mcr and friends will be running a whole week of Free Software fun in Manchester’s very first Free Software Festival! So far, the event lineup looks like this:     Monday 3rd Feb – Volunteer Orientation and Planning Meeting – Madlab Tuesday 4th… Read more

It was Epic!

Manchester’s first Cryptoparty, on the 7th of December, was a definite success. We had 30-40 attendees, with some “dropping in” and others staying all day. By the end of the day everyone had email encryption enabled and most had shared their public keys, with some signing each-others keys. We played… Read more

Goody Bags Getting Full!

We are delighted to announce that the “goody bags” are getting pretty full now, we have tons of cool stickers (from FSFE, ORG and EFF) and copies of three great books to give away, including; 50 copies of the Tech Tools for Activism guide to on-line security; 100 Copies of… Read more

Our Leaflets get Printed!

  Today our leaflets got sent to the printers – we have 1000 postcards ready to be distributed! Email us (gingerling @ inventati .org) if you want some! Also, when you put them some place tweet us a picture! @cryptopartymcr Whoot!!