anna1Anna is a Vegan, Free Software Activist and volunteer/getter-involved. She volunteers for Free Software Foundaion Europe (FSFE), including helping to run the FSFE-Mcr group. She also writes manuals with Clearer Channel, and runs Ethical Pets with her partner Joey. She also volunteers for The Manchester Peoples Assembly Against Austerity. She has basic knowledge of email encryption and wants to learn more. She enjoys making clever passwords – hard to guess but easy to remember.

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Mick Fuzz
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Ben Webb

3a6cbc04d6678b7837dcd6113c08830c_biggerBen is an open data programmer, who currently works on international aid transparency. He believes strongly I’m the complementary values of government transparency and personal privacy. He has a strong interest in the technical aspects of security and cryptography.


Tom Chiverton
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