Local groups

madlab-fshipFSFE Mcr

FSFE-Mcr is the local FSFE Supporter group. We organise events and join in with international campaigns about Free Software and related issues, such as Document Freedom Day, theydontwantyou.to and of course, this CryptoParty! We meet on the first Monday of the month in Madlab at 7pm. You can join our mailing list here. Non-technical people and folk new to the idea of Free Software are very much welcome… and we usually have cake.

bitcoin-manchester-logo-transparent-rectangularBitCoin Manchester

Bitcoin Manchester is a meetup for Bitcoin users, miners, buyers, sellers or anyone else otherwise interested in Bitcoin in the north-west. It is hosted at the MadLab on Edge Street in the Northern Quarter. We aim to meet monthly from October 2013. We don’t have a regular date each month yet, so keep an eye on Twitter and/or the mailing list for announcements. Come along! Follow us on Twitter: @bitcoin_mcr.Follow us on App.net: @bitcoin_mcr.Join the Google+ community: Bitcoin Manchester.Introduce yourself on the mailing list: bitcoin-manchester (sign up here if you want to receive announcements via email or Google Groups).


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