Free Your Android and Escape those Anrgy Bird Spies!

robotSo it’s not just your email… it’s your games that are hacked, cracked (and generally whacked) too! Thats right, we now know (thanks again Mr Snowden) that GCHQ and NSA can get even more of our personal data from games like Angry Birds, and from app’s like Google maps. This data can include who you know, where you have been and what websites you have looked at on your phone.

The good news is, its easy to avoid this: the F-droid store has a long (long!) list of games which do not spy on you, or collect any data… and because all these game and Free Software / Open Source, there are (usually) lots of people checking that code to make sure big brother is most definitely not … watching._72562269_72562264

My personal favourite is Frozen Bubble… oh and the Tricorder that let’s you be a REAL trekie for the day!

Want to learn more about F-droid and other savvy ways to keep the man out of your handset? Come to our Free Your Android Workshop next week.