“For Normal Privacy Please Encrypt Your Data”


When we stand at a cash machine or at the reception desk of the doctors surgery, we expect people to keep their distance. When we work on our laptops, text our friends or read a book in a public place – we don’t want people to lean over our shoulders. When we sit and talk in a cafĂ© or on the train, we feel uncomfortable when someone appears to be listening too intently. In the physical world we expect normal, every-day privacy… so why do those same rules not apply on-line?

If you would like to learn how to ensure normal, every-day privacy when using your computer, tablet or mobile phone, then come to CryptoParty-Mcr. You can learn simple and effective ways to encrypt your emails and chat, and how to browse the Internet anonymously. By using encryption, you will protect your privacy, and help to protect the privacy of others, including political and environmental activists from all around the world.